Elements Image Consulting provides individual consultations to raise awareness and knowledge of professional presence and personal brand; two of the most immediate and tangible ways to gain credibility and to showcase your competence and professionalism in the workplace.

Our Consultation Packages begin with a personal brand and style assessment where we discover your unique values, strengths and goals.  We review any limitations and challenges you may have, and then, through detailed image management sessions, we discover your authentic personal brand and create a plan of action.  Available in-person or virtual.


 Personal Brand:

  • Professional Presence
  • Online Message
  • First Impressions

Image Management:

  • Business wardrobe and business casual
  • Style and fashion personality
  • Custom color analysis
  • Closet organization and edit
  • Wardrobe assessment
  • Personal shopping
I greatly enjoyed working with Lori. Both sessions were very helpful and Lori’s consultation enabled me to sharpen my professional image. Through a detailed process of color analysis Lori was able to show me what best worked for me. Shopping with Lori is like shopping with a good friend who has a great deal of knowledge about clothes and fashion. I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction at work and at the professional societies that I attend. A number of co-workers and associates have commented very positively.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself and the clothes that you should be wearing, I highly recommend spending some time with Lori. You will enhance both your professional image and self-confidence.

- MICHAEL M., CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Currey

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In a world where everything communicates, you need to understand your professional image and align it to your values and aspirations. I always believed I dressed well, but Lori showed me how to use color combinations and patterns to bring the best me forward. Lori’s consultation made me sharpen my professional goals and through a detailed process of color analysis I began to see what best worked for me. Integral to Lori’s process is ensuring I retained these learnings at a fundamental level. Shopping with Lori allowed me to see all the work we had done come together. We started with using as many garment pieces I already owned, but now I have a closet of relevant core essentials that I am now building upon.The results of been amazing. First and foremost my confidence is through the roof. I was surprised that on the first day in the office a number of people commented very positively. My advice to people is, Don’t underestimate the value of projecting the right professional image Thank you Lori!

- CLARK C, CPA, Coca Cola, Atlanta GA