Clarity in the Closet

You know the expression “a cobbler has no shoes”?  Well, this image consultant had “no clean closet”.  As an image consultant, my job is to help people find their confident style through color, style, fit and closet evaluations.  Naturally people think I have a perfectly clean closet all the time.  Not the case.  Over the summer my closet has been less than perfect and very messy.  Part of that is the summer relaxation - just throw your clothes in the closet and go.

Part of it is a little personal turmoil in my life - I generally find that my closet reflects my state of mind.  Messy, confused, frustrated?  Crisp, organized and focused?

When things aren’t settled or stable in my life, my closet shows it.  I have been evaluating my personal and professional state of mind as I settle into my 50’s, and it has been tough some times.  My oldest daughter left for college and with that brings change for the whole family.  Who am I now?  What do I want to do with my time?  What do I want to wear?  All of those questions can be overwhelming.  

So today, first day of school for my younger 2 kids.  Summer is over.  Time for action.

First thing I did today was tackle my closet.  I knew that if I wanted to get clarity in life, having a clean closet was the beginning.  And believe it or not it was spurred me to action in other areas.

I reached out to 2 clients, wrote this blog post, and created a Fall Style Special to help clients get clarity through clothes.  We will figure out what stays, what goes, and how you can achieve clarity in your life.  After all, we have to start somewhere.