Wardrobe Capsules...Packing Made Easy


I am packing for a 5 day business trip and want to share my wardrobe capsule basics to make packing a breeze. When thinking about your work wardrobe, think about the concept of “team players” - groups of clothing that mix and match with each other.  This facilitates a “put-together” look and saves time and money when shopping and wardrobe planning.  I start my capsule with a third piece - a great jacket, blazer, pashmina or cardigan sweater.  

Make sure you have basic neutrals that fit and look current:  black trousers, dress jeans, little black dress, slim leather jacket, white shirts and dress t-shirts.

Follow these 4 steps to creating a great wardrobe...on the road or in the office.

  1. Pick your colors: Pick two neutrals and one accent color. My colors for this trip are:  Black, White and Red.  Prints and patterns can add interest and personality to the basics.
  2. Pick your fabrics: For a business wardrobe, stick with natural, dressier fabrics like gabardine or worsted wool, tweed, silk, rayon or cotton. For a casual trip use cotton, denim, linen, leather or suede.
  3. Choose a style: For a put-together look, stick with 1-2 styles: the best style for business is classic trend or classic elegant. For my trip I am going classic trend and dramatic (bright red blazer, black and white contrasts, bold jewelry.)
  4. Accessories: Here’s the fun part - scarves, shoes, belts, jewelry and for my trip, a statement gold necklace and royal blue leather tote!

Almost all of my clothing works together. About 80% of my items are basic pieces, and I keep it fun by adding color and accessories.  I work with individuals to create capsules to simplify dressing every day. Contact me to schedule your "capsule consultation!” Lori Barber, lori@elementsimage.com, 717-435-0255.